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    Don't we all like zooming out to get the bigger picture? But often we find beauty in details.

    Because we're proud of the current collection, and the great techniques and materials that are used to create new shoes, we will presenting a collaboration between fashion stylist/ creative Lisa Anne Stuyfzand and stills photographer Bram Spaan, named "TEXTURES". The pictures will be up on our wall soon.


    Where? In our Amsterdam Store

    When? From April 2016

    Why? Because it makes our heart beat faster

    Instore art? is a little platform we created for artists who can capture the beauty we have in store. This is our first project, many will follow.

    Please feel welcome to stop by.


    About the artist


    Bram Spaan is a stills photographer represented by Unspoken Agency in Amsterdam. He has an eye for the finest detail and creates the perfect balance between science, craftsmanship and art. http://unspokenagency.com/artists/bram-spaan/


    Working as a stylist, Lisa Anne Stuyfzand has a strong affection for authenticity and true character, which stamp her work fresh and energetic. Lisa Anne works as a freelance fashion stylist and creative for commercial brands and fashion magazines. http://www.lisaannestuyfzand.com/

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